The Relationship between Branding the Local Business and SEO


Is your business located in Plano or Dallas Texas? Are you NOT found on the first page when a customer is looking for your business? If you answer is “YES” to both questions, you need Heaven Sent Marketing.

Heaven Sent Marketing is a company that has a unique blend of marketing SEO experts. As a local SEO for business in Texas, they love to work with their own: Plano and Dallas. As a local SEO business, they understand the mental and emotional challenges of entrepreneurs in Dallas and Plano.

 As an entrepreneur, the question that matter to rise above the competition is, “What makes my business unique from the competitors?” The answer to this burning question is crucial in branding the business and for SEO.

 In a study about local business searches, collaborated by Neustar Localeze, comScore and 15 miles conducted in December 2013, results showed that local searchers find a business with a product or service in mind. Furthermore, the study revealed that local searchers look for hours of operation, special offers and coupons, ratings and reviews and major product or service and website URL.

 Considering these facts, as a local business in Plano and Dallas, one must consider how your brand ties these things together. Your brand must manifest your product and service, how much people are giving out raving reviews and ratings, in the special offerings and hours of operation. Also, did you know that 78% of mobile searches purchases are done offline? This means that local would rather make a personal contact with you!

Heaven Sent Marketing has a simplified process to online-equip a local SEO business in Plano and to work as local SEO for business in Plano. Visit Heaven Sent Marketing 2828 W Parker Road, Suite 205b, Plano, TX 75075, or call them at 972-612-4869.



Dallas Local SEO Best Practices

Heaven Sent Marketing, is a Plano SEO Expert company, has been helping roofing contractors in Dallas increase their online presence and sales.  The Plano SEO expert company has proven Dallas local SEO best practices.

To name a few Dallas local SEO best practices:

  1. Find a business name reflecting the business’ real-world title.

Consistency is the key. Every business in Dallas must represent itself properly and consistently locally and globally.

  1. Create concise descriptors to help your customers find you online easily.

What makes your business unique from the competitors? What is your purpose? What solutions do you provide? These questions will help you create a message or descriptor to help customers understand what you can deliver, business offers you provide and your style.

  1. Updated Contact information

It’s not enough to just have your business name, address, phone number, email and a map available to your customers. They also want to know how you work, what work you’re up to and your thoughts about your work and people who love your work. Customers want engagement too! It’s not enough to just get listed online like in a directory.

To stay listed and found online constantly, local businesses must bring fresh information, news and revelations. Social media makes your customers feel that you’re approachable. Social media is a window to demonstrate your skills, dedication and commitment, to connect and converse with your customers about your local business. Keep your local customers close!e your sales? Work with the Plano SEO expert company, Heaven Sent Marketing.  Visit them at 2828 W Parker Road, Suite 205b, Plano, TX 75075 or call them now at 972-612-4869.


How to Find the Best Local SEO


Search engine optimization (commonly known as SEO) is the science and art boosting a website’s presence to be found online readily in the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for pertinent keyword searches. For example, if a person is searching for roofing contracts in Plano, Texas, the search engines will show results starting from page 1. As a roofing contractor who is based in Plano or nearby  cities like Dallas, you want your business found in the first page by any user and preferably the first on the list!

The power of the internet makes businesses conveniently found through the internet with the use of computers and smartphones. As an innovative entrepreneur, you’ve got to go for the consumer trend.  So act quickly and look for a local SEO in Plano

Heavent Sent Marketing is the best local SEO in Plano. The company has learnt the recent search engine rules from Google. They have experience and proven to be Dallas SEO experts boosting roofing contractors business. Every seasoned SEO expert should be able to adapt the algorithm changes of the internet.  The SEO has recently used social media more involved. So, videos posted on YouTube, contents, and names found like on Facebook and LinkedIn are retrieved by search engines.

But why find the best local SEO in Plano or a Dallas SEO Expert? Of course, you prefer to find a business partner whom you can easily work with and understands issues and needs of the local market trends.  What better company and people can understand the local SEO trends in Plano?

Heaven Sent Marketing has the science, art and tricks in making your business listed on the first page of search engines. Make your company rank on the first page of the search engine, call Heaven Sent Marketing at 972-612-4869.